Chad Chig Martin For Governor Alabama independent

2nd Amendent

Chad Chig believes strongly in preserving this right for future generations. He grew up hunting with his father and friends in rural southeastern Alabama. As a gun owner with over 25 guns, this one is important to Chad Chig. And to take it a step further, he wants to introduce a bill that would streamline the investigatory procedures by law enforcement and a quick and swift legal process for our citizens that are faced with having to use "justified deadly force" to defend themselves, other people or personal property. A citizen should not have to go through additional anguish for simply defending themselves


Chad Chig believes that once a heart beats for the first time that this human being has the full rights of any individual and should be protected accordingly from death. He does however feel that if a mother is in danger of losing her life over the pregnancy that this has to be taken into account and acted upon accordingly by the family and physicians

Lottery and Casino Gaming

Personally Chad Chig does not play the lotto or casino gambling but this topic is the number one subject brought up by constituents. He would like to put this issue to rest once and for all and let the citizens vote on the legality of these two types of entities. He would propose the proceeds go into the education fund, law enforcement, natural resources and infrastructure of our state roadways and bridges

Separation of Church and State

Chad Chig is a Christian man that prays every single night for forgiveness and for his fellow man. But in governing a state he believes that every citizen is entitled by the U.S. Constitution to have their own religious freedoms and deserve a government that respects each citizens freedom and liberties


Recruitment of Companies to Alabama

Chig believes that the State of Alabama has done a bad job in negotiating deals with large corporations that set up shop in our state. We pay six figure salaries for people to negotiate deals that leave nothing in the deal for the "core" of our state. Our state gives the house, kitchen sink and we throw in a microwave oven for good measure.  Corporations have to pay their fair share of taxes when opening their doors for business in Alabama. Large corporations should gladly want to invest in our state to ensure a long and prosperous future for their company. We have to do a better job at this

ABC Board

Chad Chig would like to abolish this board and let there be free trade among our citizens and business people. It is simply not right that a government agency has a monopoly on a retail item. Prices of liquor would come down considerably for our citizens

Animal Rights

Over the years, Alabama has done a very poor job in protecting and treating our pets and livestock humanely.  This type of conduct adds another black eye to the state.  If elected Chad Chig Martin will punish all animal abusers to the fullest extent of the law. If you are fighting pit bulls or chickens you can be 100% assured that a Chad Chig Martin administration is coming after you.  Even though farm animals will eventually become food for our citizens, they also deserve to be treated humanely. We are all God's creatures and a Chad Chig Martin administration will hold animal abusers accountable for their actions

Child Molesters and Predators

A Chad Chig Martin administration will have "zero tolerance" for child predators. Our administration will fight to increase punishment for convicted molesters.  We have to make our state as safe as possible for our children. Chad Chig is proposing to create an agency that's sole responsibility is protecting our children while being proactive to seek out these criminals. Chad Chig would like to have eight regional offices throughout the state that has three investigators per office that sole responsibility is arresting and helping prosecute these predators.  These law enforcement officers will visit schools and let students know that someone is there to help them. They will also be required to actively do surveillance on social media and the internet and be proactive in building solid cases against these criminals


Medical Marijuana 

Chad Chig wants to let the citizens of Alabama decide on the legality of a natural alternative for many diseases. Medical Marijuana is legal in 23 states. It is coming to Alabama eventually. He would like to see Alabamians have an opportunity to vote on this as quickly as possible. The tax revenue and jobs produced in the state would result in millions of much needed dollars for our school system and infrastructure 


Chad Chig Martin For Governor of Alabama