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Chad Chig Martin was born 1968 in Enterprise, Al. to parents Glyn and Evelyn Martin. His parents are blue collar successful small business owners having run Martin Mobile Homes since the late 60s. Their hard work and creativity is what inspired Chad Chig throughout his life

Chad Chig received a full football scholarship to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and completed his degree in 1991

After working as an outside sales representative for 12 years, he decided to start his first business venture from the bedroom of his modest house and turned it into over a million dollar company.  Now the company is starting it's twelfth year and is located in a state of art marketing office in Dothan, Al. and conducts business in over 40 states and three countries.

Chad Chig always had a passion for music and in 2011 he decided to learn to play the guitar and started writing songs. Since then he has played on the same concert bill with Grand Ole Opry Stars.

Three years ago Chad Chig was afforded the opportunity by the oldest hat company in America, Bollman Hat Company to have his own national line of hats, the Chad Chig Martin line sold worldwide on

Chad Chig has lived in Alabama his entire life with the exception of his college days in Tennessee. His roots are deep seeded in this wonderful state

After a conversation with a young school teacher and discovering that this young lady had to furnish and pay for general classroom supplies out of her own pocket, Chad Chig decided then, that something had to be done.

And he decided to put his life on hold for the betterment of this state and run for Governor of Alabama as an Independent in 2022. 

Chad Chig Martin For Governor of Alabama